Carports are a great option for properties with limited roof space but plenty of parking

Customized options based on customers energy demand and budget

A great way to maximize space and install more solar

  • What can we offer?
    • Free estimates
    • Design (custom layouts with the potential of adding charging stations)
    • Engineering
    • Installation of various types of carport structures
  • How does it work?
    • Works like a traditional solar system, roof/groundmout, but installed above parking spaces
    • Connects to existing loads and offsets the electrical usage, or can participate in the buy-all-sell-all (BASA) program if in Connecticut
  • Any incentives?
    • ConEd in NYC and Westchester has a $0.20 per watt adder for carports
    • CT currently does not have incentives specifically for carports but they are eligible for all the same incentives as traditional solar installations.
  • Who is qualified?
    • Commercial customers with large parking areas:
      • At least 100kW
      • Retail space
      • Apartment complexes
      • Medical facilities
      • Office Buildings
      • Anywhere with sufficient parking area and an electric load
      • State, Agricultural and Municipal customers can take advantage of extra net-metering benefits
  • Benefits of a carport
    • Offer the option to go solar with limited/usable roof space
    • Provides a location to install EV chargers
    • Covered parking
    • More power
    • Optimizing land space
    • Looks cool!
  • Design types
    • Semi Cantilever
    • Different types of Steel Design
      • Heavy Gauge
      • Light Gauge

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  • We cannot service residential customers who are not interested in complete systems (solar + battery), and have an average monthly electric bill under $500. We can however offer a referral from a trusted partner that can better assist with smaller scaled projects by calling (203) 642-4105.