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PurePoint Energy understands the dedication involved in sustaining a farm and its importance for generations to come. Our experience in agricultural solar continues to help multi-generational farms become self-sufficient by implementing energy improvements that lower their operating costs.

Our Connecticut and Westchester County solar company strongly believes in growing the American economy at every level, and because of this, we offer products that are made right here at home. We find that our agricultural clients, in particular, appreciate that effort.

As a leader in Connecticut solar installations for farms, we make sure only to use equipment that can endure the punishing weather and environment found on most farms. We are dedicated to providing the best solution and ensuring that your solar energy system will grow your business.

Agriculture solar energy incentives include:

  • Grants and loans available through the United States Department of Agriculture, and the Connecticut Department of Agriculture
  • Farmers are eligible for a 26% Federal Tax Credit
  • 25% Grant Available for Agricultural and Rural Customers There is a lot of nuance to this incentive. We can help identify eligibility and grant writing.

Benefits of Agricultural Solar

Our Connecticut agriculture solar experts can assist with:

  • Farms: Getting solar panels installed on your farms has never been simpler. Besides giving you a more balanced electric bill all year long, a solar panel installation will ensure that you have power when and where you need it throughout your farmland. If you meet certain requirements, you can even sell your solar power to neighbors, other farmers, or a municipality.
  • Sheds: No matter where you have sheds located on your farmland, a solar panel system can give you the power you need to get things done. Solar energy can be used for all kinds of electrical needs in your sheds, including lighting, pumping and storing water, and powering cooling systems.
  • Animal structures: Solar energy is a great way to maintain the safe and efficient operation of the facilities that house your animals. Whether for cooling and ventilation, lighting, water systems, or gate and door locks, solar panels can provide the power you need.
  • Ground solar panels: While many solar panels are installed on rooftops, our Connecticut solar experts also install ground solar panels. So, if you do not have enough roof space available for your solar needs, it is not a problem!
  • Solar trackers: To get the most out of your agricultural solar panels, consider installing a solar tracking system. A solar tracker keeps your panels oriented to the sun, which maximizes energy capture and generation.
  • PE land lease for solar: If you are looking for a way to make your farmland in the New York area more functional and profitable, one option is solar land leasing. This involves leasing your unused land to our company to be converted into a solar farm. You benefit from additional income, as other companies and residents in the community gain the advantages of solar energy for themselves.

Financing Options for Agricultural Solar

Cost is always a primary consideration before installing a solar panel system. The good news is that there are several solar panel savings and financing options available. Our Connecticut solar specialists are here to help you find the best way to pay for a solar installation on your farm.

Common ways to fund an agriculture solar project include:

  • Grant writing: As a farmer, you could qualify for a significant amount of state and federal grants. Depending on your situation, a grant could substantially reduce your overall costs or even cover the expense of the entire project. When you work with PurePoint Energy, our team will handle the paperwork to secure the maximum financial incentives.
  • Purchase Power Agreement (PPA): A financial agreement where a developer arranges for the design, permitting, financing, and installation of a solar energy system on a customer’s property at little to no cost. The developer sells the energy to the host at a fixed rate that is typically lower than the local utility retail rate.
  • C-PACE Financing Loan: This loan is a combination of solar leasing models and C-PACE state legislated programs, securing tax credits and providing financing terms that enable positive cash flow from the start.

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