Solar Panel Installations for Non-Profits

Sustainable Energy Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations in Connecticut & Westchester County

Non-profits exist to do good in the world. Whether it’s a food bank or a community center, these organizations offer vital help to specific groups, certain communities, or other parties in need. Although they are fulfilling their missions, saving the environment should also be a priority. Going green through solar installation enables non-profits to cut CO2 emissions and energy costs. The results are more finances to pursue your calling and a cleaner environment.

Get a quote from our experienced Connecticut solar installation team that will provide you with a high-performance solar energy solution, customized to fit the energy needs of your building. With a free assessment, our Connecticut solar energy specialists will inspect your property, look at your utility bills, listen to your concerns, and create a plan within your budget for maximum savings. We will also help you secure funding for solar panel installation if you need it.

The benefits of solar for non-profits include:

  • Financial advantages: Solar panels save non-profits money on operation costs by offering a fixed low rate, resulting in more funding for their mission. In the span of a solar panel system’s lifetime, it will generate thousands of dollars in savings.
  • Environmental advantages: Solar power decreases the overall carbon footprint of non-profits by reducing emissions that buildings generate over time through natural gas or coal-based electricity.
  • Economic and social advantages: Not only does going solar reduce the reliance on foreign energy but also helps create jobs in the community.

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How Non-Profits Can Take Advantage of Solar Power

The benefits of solar energy are abundant; however, non-profits often lack the funding for installation. In addition, they cannot take advantage of local or federal tax credits available for solar installation, leading to a long payback period.

Fortunately, there are many ways non-profits can raise money to switch to solar and even take advantage of the tax benefits, which include the following:

  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA): Many non-profits finance their solar installation through either a lease or a PPA, as opposed to owning the system. Not only are leases and PPAs $0-down so organizations don’t have to pay any upfront costs, but they also enable non-profits to receive tax credits and other financial incentives since—technically—a third-party financier owns the system and covers the installation and maintenance costs for a duration of typically ten to 20 years. Every month, property owners would pay the leasing company to rent the system and generate free electricity, saving ten to 30 percent of their monthly energy bill.
  • Donations: Non-profits have dedicated members or associated groups who can help donate and fundraise. Members can contribute to lasting electricity bill savings by helping their organization transition into solar.
  • Crowdfunding: Non-profits can obtain donations from other sources through crowdfunding. The donations are solicited online, focusing on communities that benefit from the organization’s work.
  • PACE Financing: This financing option may help monetize the Tax credit. Check out our financing options or call our team to learn more about how we can help.

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