Why Solar?

Advantages Of Solar Energy in Connecticut

Learn About the Advantages of Solar Energy in Connecticut & Westchester County, NY

Commercial, homeowners, and agricultural property owners throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, NY should consider making the switch to solar energy. Solar energy is one of the most exciting new frontiers available to home and business owners alike. These highly efficient, low-maintenance energy solutions give property owners the ability to reduce their monthly utility bills and offer protection from the ever-rising cost of energy the world over. PurePoint Energy offers solar installations for commercial properties, schools, warehouses, agricultural properties, and non-profit facilities. We also offer solar batteries for energy storage, so you can store energy and tap into it on days when the sun isn’t shining.

The Benefits of Going Solar:

  • Lower utility bills.
  • Solar can be financed or leased with no upfront costs.
  • Solar consultations are 100% free to determine how much you can save.
  • Federal and state incentives available (investment tax credit and rebate).
  • Net-Metering earns you credits from the utility when your excess power goes out to the grid.
  • Energy independence making the utility grid your backup energy solution.
  • Incorporate backup batteries for next level self-sufficiency and a complete energy solution.
  • Add value! According to research by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, each additional $1 in energy bill savings from solar adds an average of $20 to the property value.
  • A well-designed high performance system can last well beyond 30 years.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and help clean-up the environment.

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Why Choose PurePoint Energy?

You are looking for a reliable local business that cares about delivering what you ask for. A company with integrity that you can feel comfortable working with. A company that will only offer you the best products because anything else will not do. You want a company that stands by their workmanship and will never cut corners or compromise.

Benefits & Expectations When Choosing PurePoint Energy:

  • Free estimates and proposals
  • A variety of financing solutions that gives options
  • Personalized concierge style service that makes assisting your solar needs the top priority
  • Custom turnkey energy solutions that are specific to your energy needs
  • Post installation support from the Solar Squad service team
  • Extensive knowledge on local and surrounding Connecticut markets, policies, and government incentives
  • Quick/immediate response times when you have an inquiry
  • Over 12 years of solar experience with NABCEP certifications
  • Certified SunPower Elite and Commercial Dealer
  • Certified Tesla Powerwall Dealer
  • Get the BEST!
    • The best solar panels
    • The best solar batteries and backup batteries
    • The best solar warranty
    • The best customer service and workmanship

Not only does our Connecticut Solar energy company help you reduce your dependence on the energy grid to save you money, but using the renewable power of the sun to power your property can come with several financial incentives and rewards to help you get started. For more information on how solar installation can work for you, give us a call. We are happy to provide any information you need when it comes to making your decision about installing solar panels on your property.

Learn More About Solar Energy & Solar Panels in Connecticut

Solar energy and panel options offer clean, sustainable energy solutions that are customized to your property and designed to add value.

See How a Basic Solar Installation Can Work With Your Building:

  • Solar FAQ: See some of the most frequently asked questions about solar energy, including how it works, what it costs, and what some of the benefits are.
  • Solar incentives: Many people don’t realize that there are a number of financial incentives available in the form of grants and tax credits for solar panel installations.
  • Solar referral rewards: Know anyone who is interested in solar panels or has questions that need answering? Earn money through our referral rewards program.
  • Past projects: We’ve been one of Connecticut’s leading solar energy installers since 2007. See all the locations that we’ve installed solar panels.

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  • We cannot service residential customers who are not interested in complete systems (solar + battery), and have an average monthly electric bill under $500. We can however offer a referral from a trusted partner that can better assist with smaller scaled projects by calling (203) 642-4105.