Commercial Energy Storage

Commercial Solar Energy Storage

Helping Your Business Save Money in Connecticut & Westchester County, NY

More commercial properties than ever before are turning to solar panels to get clean, sustainable energy to power their business. The savings and reliability, coupled with an implicit show of support for renewable energy that is important to more and more consumers, has proven to be an exciting prospect for countless commercial property owners across Connecticut and Westchester County, NY. Solar panels all on their own have a great deal to offer to any business, but the advantages of solar energy can be magnified considerably by pairing them with a robust energy storage system.

This option allows you to not only enjoy the solar power available when the sun is plentiful, but to draw from excess energy you stored even while the system is not actively generating. Having access to that energy can minimize your dependence on energy provided by your local utility system, eliminate it entirely, and may even give you the option of net metering, or selling back excess energy for credit.

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Putting Energy Storage to Work for You

Thanks to the overall improvements seen in storage performance, the decline in cost, and the rise in initiatives encouraging a dual purchase, installing solar panels alongside storage systems has never been more viable. For commercial clients, energy storage systems generally resemble large, highly advanced refrigerators installed on the exterior of the building.

Commercial energy storage is most often utilized with one or more of these goals in mind:

  • Reducing “congestion” on the grid by relying on solar energy during peak hours, often resulting in compensation by the utility company
  • Adjusting when grid electricity is utilized to reduce costs
  • Reducing load during peak hours to minimize demand charges

Backed by highly intelligent software, these storage systems charge while the solar panels are actively generating, then strategically pull from the batteries to optimize as much as possible.

Benefits of SunPower® Helix® Storage

One of the options we bring to our customers is Helix® Storage, which boasts remarkable analytics and a broad range of support services for an all-in-one solution.

When you choose the Helix®, you will enjoy:

  • Powerful analytics: You can have access to a straightforward, easy-to-read report that helps you document and track your return on investment as well as calculate monthly savings
  • Reduced electricity costs: The automatic optimization allows you to save as much as possible by deploying stored energy as strategically as possible
  • The simplicity of a complete solution: This intelligent, all-in-one platform makes it easy to make smart decisions about your energy usage

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