Solar FAQ

Solar FAQ

Get Answers from Our Connecticut & Westchester County, NY Solar Power Specialists

The solar industry is very new and is always changing. Innovations in clean, reliable energy are being introduced every day, and the technology to bring this into your property is ever-evolving. Our experts at PurePoint Energy have in-depth knowledge and years of professional experience in the industry. We are dedicated to making it easy for people to feel great about helping the environment while saving money.

Besides wondering “how do solar panels work,” we know people have other questions about solar energy. While it doesn’t cover every piece of information someone might need, our Connecticut solar experts have put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we get from clients that can help explain some of the possible solar energy pros and cons.

Please contact PurePoint Energy if there are any other questions you still have, or if you’re ready to start with your free consultation and go solar in Westchester County, NY & Connecticut!

How do solar panels work?

Many people are initially hesitant about solar energy because they don’t understand how solar panels actually work and create electricity. The process itself is much like any other generator, except the panels themselves utilize the sun’s rays (collected by photovoltaic cells) to generate direct current electricity. Then, the electricity is taken through an inverter, which allows it to be dispersed in a building just like any other electricity.

There have been huge advances in this technology, which is why more and more people are adopting it for their homes, businesses, and even farms! Solar energy is incredibly versatile, and you can work with a solar energy expert who will help you find the ideal solution for your setup. We make the process of getting solar panels incredibly easy for anyone interested.

How do solar panels work with my home or business?

This is one of the most frequent questions we get from potential clients. We’re more than happy to give you a basic rundown of a few components below.

  • Solar panels: Typical solar panels consist of approximately 60 photovoltaic (PV) cells that transform sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. The number you can install is dependent on your location and roof surface area.
  • Inverter: The DC power is converted to alternating current (AC) power. This is the same type of electricity that is used in your home or office.
  • Electrical panel: The output of the inverter flows into the electric panel. This is where all the breakers are and is what allows solar energy to enter the building.
  • Utilities: The utility company is required to change your existing meter to a net meter. Upon generating more electricity than needed, the net meter reports the output to your utility company, which gives you a credit at the retail rate, offsetting your next bill.
  • The utility grid: At night or times of low levels of sunlight, your electricity will come from the grid.
  • System performance: In the unlikely case where your solar system is not performing the way it should, our monitoring systems will send a message to PurePoint Energy, and a technician will visit your home or commercial property.

Are solar panels really worth the cost?

While cost is always going to be a major factor for people, the technology has gotten to a point where it’s not only cost-effective to install solar panels, but also the long-term payoffs will outweigh the installation itself.

For homeowners, solar panels have proven to increase a home’s value. For businesses and schools, there are considerable tax breaks and other financial incentives available for solar panel installation. Among the largest solar energy benefactors are farmers, since both state and federal grants will fund energy projects completely, which means long-lasting, dependable energy for future generations.

Why should I work with PurePoint Energy?

Since 2007, our Connecticut solar experts have been working with a wide variety of clientele throughout Westchester County and Connecticut who are interested in embracing the benefits of solar energy. Not only are they saving money, but they’re helping their local communities by reducing their carbon footprint. We work with a number of charities, present at schools about the future or solar energy, and explain the different careers in engineering made possible by solar energy.

At PurePoint Energy, we make the process of getting solar panels incredibly simple and straightforward. After we provide an entirely free consultation and on-site evaluation, we’ll help create a solar energy solution tailored to you, give you a timeline regarding completion, and take care of all the available financial incentives.

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