Commercial Solar Panel Installations

Helping Your Business Achieve Energy Independence Throughout Connecticut & Westchester County, NY

All business sectors have the opportunity to go solar, including for- and not-for-profit organizations. Our Connecticut commercial solar panel experts help organizations reduce their dependence on the energy grid, to save on costs of operation. PurePoint Energy is proud to offer commercial solar panel installations to clients throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, NY. Our solar panels, solar batteries, and solar energy storage systems help companies lower their operations costs, create revenue, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Our Connecticut commercial solar panel services include:

  • Solar for businesses
  • Carport solar
  • Solar for schools
  • Commercial solar panel systems
  • Solar for non-profits
  • Farms + Greenhouses

By leveraging the use of solar, businesses can create an additional revenue stream as well as saving on their electricity bills. With great incentives such as the Federal Investment Tax Credit and Zero-Emission Renewable Energy Credits (available until the end of the year), there is no better time to go solar than now! In addition to prices dropping significantly over the recent years, there are also fantastic financing options available that allow you to be cash positive from day one.

There are several Commercial Solar Energy Incentives available, such as:

  • Businesses are eligible for a 26% Federal Business Tax Credit

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Why Invest in a Commercial Solar Panel System?

No matter what type of business you own, you require electricity to operate it. Part of running a successful company is keeping operational costs as low as possible so that you can maximize your profit. This includes having a smart energy solution that allows you to predict and minimize the expenses for electricity. A solar panel system is just such a solution.

The top reasons businesses benefit from solar panel installation include:

  • You can protect your business from rising energy rates
  • You can independently create your own energy
  • You can save your company money on utility bills
  • You can sell your surplus energy back to utility companies
  • You can significantly increase the economic value of your property
  • You can improve the public’s perception of your business

Owning a business in Connecticut or Westchester County, NY means that you are already paying more than 50% more for electricity than businesses in most other states. And who knows how high the rates will be in 10 years? By installing solar panels on your commercial property now, in 10 years, you might not need to care what the cost of energy is because your energy comes from the sun!

Energy Storage for Businesses

If you really want to make a major impact on your commercial utility bill, the key is reducing your demand charges. Demand charges are calculated by finding the time interval with the highest (peak) average power (in kilowatts) drawn from the grid, looking across the entire billing cycle. That number is then multiplied by the tariff’s demand charge (priced in dollars per kilowatt) to determine your monthly bill. This charge can make up around 50% of your bill and sometimes more. If these peaks can be reduced, so can your demand charges.

When energy storage is paired with commercial solar, it makes your energy solution way more viable. The solar provides clean energy that heavily reduces the overall site load. The storage system coordinates by using the stored energy in a smarter way to maximize your benefit. The solar will charge the batteries during the day and with the use of predictive analytics, the battery will discharge at calculated times to reduce the demand peaks. This will have no effect on your day-to-day operations while saving your company a lot of money. Savings that can pay for the cost of the battery storage system and then some.

We are certified installers for the following battery options:

  • Tesla Powerwall
  • Fortress Power

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Our Financing Options

For commercial solar installations, we provide the following financing options:

  • Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) – This is a long-term electricity supply agreement between two parties: a power producer and an electricity consumer or trader. The power producer designs, permits, and finances the installation of a solar energy system on the commercial property. In exchange, the host pays a fixed rate for energy that is usually less than the local rate for electricity.
  • C-PACE Financing Loan – Low-cost, long-term financing for the cost of energy improvements on eligible properties. Through state legislated programs, tax credits, and specialized financing terms, a business is able to install a solar energy system and start benefiting from positive cash flow right away.

Your Professional Contractor Will:

  • Design your custom solution for quickest returns
  • Timely completion of project supported by relationships with the utility
  • Complete all required paperwork for permitting, interconnection and more, as a part of a turnkey solution
  • Providing a concierge style of customer service, for your 5-star experience

Are Solar Panels Too Heavy For A Roof?

Often, solar panels are not too heavy for a commercial roof. Many business owners feel they need to reinforce their roof before installing solar panels, but this is usually not needed. A solar panel and all its mounting equipment only weigh 2-4 pounds per square foot.

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  • We cannot service residential customers who are not interested in complete systems (solar + battery), and have an average monthly electric bill under $500. We can however offer a referral from a trusted partner that can better assist with smaller scaled projects by calling (203) 642-4105.