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3 Advantages of Agricultural Solar Energy For Farmers | PurePoint Energy

Helping the environment is not something that one person can do alone. That’s why, all over the world, more people are embracing environmentally friendly practices and products. One of the fastest growing trends is the practical installation of solar panels that can be used for a wide variety of applications. Farmers can take advantage of this technology in a number of ways that they may have not even realized.

3 Advantages of Solar Energy For Agriculture

As a farmer, when you want to get solar panels installed, it’s important to understand the benefits and how they can help transform your day to day life. Learn why solar energy is a great fit for you.

1. There Are Financial Incentives For Farmers

A major hesitation that so many people have about solar energy is they don’t know if the benefits will outweigh the costs. However, the impact of solar panels go beyond a single farm, which is why the federal government and states like Connecticut offer farmers financial incentives to install and maintain solar panel installations. There are a number of grants available which are designed to let farmers choose major improvement projects (like solar installations) and then have the state provide the necessary funding. Agriculture has always been a cornerstone of the American economy, and the government wants to continue to invest in this sector for long term, sustainable growth.

2. Solar Companies Will Handle The Bulk of the Work

Besides the cost of solar energy, it’s safe to wonder how these projects will get done! Fortunately, there are reputable solar energy companies that will not only guide you through the entire process of installation, but help you secure the necessary permits and financial incentives. Typically, the actual installation of solar panels doesn’t take more than a few weeks once funding is secured. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your farm will transform in a hub a solar energy.

3. Different Applications for Solar Energy on Farms

Before making the switch to solar, you should have a general idea of what you want to use solar energy for. While the solar company can definitely help you nail the specifics and even suggest a few creative ideas, here are a few common ways solar energy can be used around a farm:

Animal Structures

Whether you’re housing large livestock or a chicken shack for eggs, you’ll be able to provide electricity to these buildings to power lighting, ventilation and cooling systems, and even irrigation!

Electric Fences

Losing livestock and cattle can be detrimental to your way of life. With solar energy, you can power remote corners of your property and use electric fences to make sure the animals you’ve invested in don’t wander off, costing you money and inconveniencing anyone else whose path they cross.

Home Electricity

Don’t deprive your own home of solar energy! Having solar panels installed on your roof will help offset those electricity costs and give you a long-term alternative energy solution that will last in your family for generations.

Don’t Wait To Get Your Solar Panels Installed

Whether you’re convinced you need solar energy, or simply want to know more about how it can benefit you, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to a local solar energy expert who can answer any and all questions.

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