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Why Solar Panels Are Great For Commercial Properties

Solar energy is one of the fastest growing trends amongst residential, commercial, and agricultural clients who want to not only ...

Solar energy is one of the fastest growing trends amongst residential, commercial, and agricultural clients who want to not only find alternative energy solutions, but also ways to save money. Getting solar panels installed is one of the best ways to tackle both of these needs. However, the process and available incentives will vary depending on what type of solution you’re looking for.

How Solar Panels Can Be Utilized on Commercial Properties

Your eligibility for having solar panels installed on your property is dependent on a few different factors. Firstly, your building needs to be in an area that’s not regularly covered by shade due to other taller buildings, trees, or any other large structures. When you consult with a solar company, they should be performing a process known as ‘solar mapping’ which allows them to see how much sunlight a given area of your roof actually gets. Once it’s determined you’re a good candidate, here’s what you need to know about getting and using solar panels.

There Are Financial Incentives to Get Solar Panels

When people are questioning why solar is good fit for them, the cost is probably the number one hesitation. Businesses and schools who get solar panels installed are eligible for tax breaks at both the state and federal level. There are also cash rebates available to help fund the installation. This is all in addition to the money you’ll save on your operating costs from a utility standpoint. When you choose a solar company to work with, make sure they’re ready and willing to help you through the application process, and ask them any lingering questions about financial incentives you’re unsure about.

Solar Energy For Businesses

For any businesses out there, it’s so important to take advantage of opportunities that will reduce costs while also helping you increase profits. Solar panels are an excellent solution for a couple of reasons. Firstly you’ll save your business money by reducing the operating budget and have more consistent energy costs. Also, you’ll decrease your carbon footprint, which lines you up for tax credits.

Solar Energy For Schools

Just like any business, schools have plenty of incentives to get large solar panel installations. You’ll be able to install solar canopies in parking lots to power EV vehicles, and use solar panels to provide lighting for any athletic field. These will all offset electricity costs and reduce carbon footprints. Most importantly, when you get high-quality solar panel installations, you’re actually giving your students an educational opportunity about solar technology, and showing what types of careers are available in engineering, chemistry, and biology!

Finding Your Solar Panels Has Never Been Simpler

Whether you’re an up and coming business, an established corporation, a private school, or a publicly funded one, commercial solar panels are an excellent solution for alternative energy and reduced energy costs. When you’re ready to make the switch to solar in Connecticut, reach out to an established and reputable solar energy company who can walk you through the entire process. They should not only do the literal heavy lifting, but also help you secure necessary permits and handle the financial incentives you’ eligible for. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to installing solar panels.

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