Areas We Serve

Areas We Serve

Our Solar Experts Serve Clients throughout Connecticut

We have worked with clients in a number of Connecticut cities, and even some outside the state. At PurePoint Energy, we want to leave the planet a better place, and that is at the core of everything we do. We make it easy for people to feel great about helping the environment and to save money at the same time.

We offer solar panel installation and repair to agricultural and commercial clients located throughout the State of Connecticut. We also serve parts of Westchester, Putnam, and Southern Dutchess County, New York.

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Customized & Complete Solar Services

For homeowners in Connecticut, solar panel installation begins with a free, on-site consultation with our solar energy experts at PurePoint Energy. We can do custom small commercial and large scale complete residential - solar + batteries, 30kW+.

After we conduct an analysis of your property, we will be able to advise you on the best options for you and your home. From solar panels and inverters to additional components like battery storage and management systems, we’ll make sure you have everything necessary for optimal performance.

Professional Commercial Solar Installations

Are you considering a solar power installation for your business? We have extensive knowledge and experience working with owners of all types of commercial properties. Our team can guide you through the various grants, rebates, tax credits, and other financial incentives that could be available to you. When you choose to partner with us, we will provide you with the best products and services.

There are several ways that our solar panel installations can grow your business, including:

  • Reduced utility bills
  • Payment for surplus energy produced
  • Increased property value
  • Decreased carbon output
  • Enhanced public image

Expert Agriculture Solar Panels

If your farmland has barns, sheds, and other buildings that need power in remote locations, solar panels are a great solution. They provide electricity for lighting, watering systems, cooling systems, and so much more. If you are concerned about how you will pay for the upfront costs, the good news is that there are several state and federal grant opportunities. When you hire us, we will make sure that you get as many incentives as possible.

Installing solar energy equipment on your unused or underused farmland can also be a great way to earn income. Whether you lease the property to our company for a solar farm, or you sell the energy that your panels generate to neighbors and other farmers in your area, there is a significant opportunity for revenue.

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A few years ago, installing solar panels was far out of reach for many people. Now, with all the government incentives, grants, and financing options available for energy-saving improvements, it is much more affordable.

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  • We cannot service residential customers who are not interested in complete systems (solar + battery), and have an average monthly electric bill under $500. We can however offer a referral from a trusted partner that can better assist with smaller scaled projects by calling (203) 642-4105.