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At PurePoint Energy, we are the experts in all things solar, including solar energy storage and management systems. Battery storage allows our residential clients to store solar energy in case of a power outage, improve resiliency and keep their solar systems operational during a grid outage. Battery storage allows our commercial clients to reduce their peak demand charges and benefit economically by participation in the utility's demand management response program.

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Battery Storage for Solar PV

Your solar panels have one job: to collect sunlight and convert it into electricity. A solar panel has two main limitations. First, it can only make energy when the sun is shining. Second, it is unable, on its own, to store energy for later use.

Instead of pushing unconsumed solar energy back to the grid, you can store it with batteries. Our Connecticut and Westchester County, NY solar experts are trained to install rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can save the electricity produced by your solar panels for resiliency at your home or business. Lithium battery chemistries have become a preferred option in the industry.

Lithium-ion battery systems have several advantages, including:

  • They can be installed practically anywhere
  • They are inexpensive and readily available
  • They have a small footprint
  • They have a longer lifespan
  • They require less maintenance
  • They are much more efficient

A single battery typically won’t power every circuit in your home but will provide backup loads for selective circuits in an emergency. PurePoint Energy will work in consultation with you to best determine the right solution, circuits to power, and battery size. Contact our energy storage team at any time to learn more about the different energy storage options available to you. Just like our solar consultations, our battery quotes are 100% free. Call now to schedule a free consultation.

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