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November 7, 2016
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Solar Panels and Snow

The winter time can bring a lot of fun times; ice skating, hot chocolate, comfy sweaters, warm fireplaces, and lots and lots of ...

The winter time can bring a lot of fun times; ice skating, hot chocolate, comfy sweaters, warm fireplaces, and lots and lots of snow. Whether you’re excited for it or not, snow can be the best and worst part of winter. While the thoughts of shoveling snow off your driveways and sidewalks, or defrosting your car early in the mornings, or even amount of traffic it can cause, taking care of your solar panels shouldn’t be the cause of much concern for you. Thanks to the dependable durability and design of solar panels, the snow shouldn’t be any more troublesome to your daily lifestyle.

How Your Solar Panels Are Equipped For The Winter

So you bought your solar panels right before the start of summer with the highest expectations of soaking up all that hot sunlight, bringing more power to your home than any other electrical company could. While that might have been true, the same can always happen for you even in the dead of winter time. Here our 3 ways your solar panels will continue to bring you power during the cold winter months.

Weight Of Heavy Snow Isn’t A Factor

Heavy snow expected in the forecast for tonight? No problem. Solar panels are designed to take on a good amount of weight. However, most snow won’t come close to exceeding that weight limit. Every solar panel goes through a variety of tests for durability and quality. Because of this, it’s most likely the snow won’t cause any issues for your solar panels, allowing you to feel at ease during those winter snow storms.

Solar Panels Are Naturally Slanted

So the weather man actually was right in predicting the heavy snow. What now? The sunlight that has managed to escape those gloomy snow clouds won’t help as your solar panels now covered in snow. While this might be the case, solar panels are typically designed and installed at a slanted angle allowing snow the ability to naturally melt right off without you needing to do anything. However, this can take time. Don’t have time to wait for snow to melt? Thankfully you can always take things into your own hands and use a solar panel snow rake or other similar tools to help get the snow removed at a much faster rate.

Low Temperatures Won’t Affect Them

Newly fallen layer of white snow, freshly cleaned solar panels, now what? While it might seem that your solar panels aren’t picking up as much sunlight from a “hotter” sun, your solar panels actually benefit from not being left out in the hot summer sun all day. Like most technology, running on cooler temperatures is more effective than hot. So your solar panels are actually producing more power during the short winter days than most long summer days. Allowing you to continue producing enough power for your home.

So there you have it: 3 ways your solar panels are equipped for the winter time so you can spend more time on the important things.

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