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November 1, 2021
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December 1, 2021

Solar Energy and Netting | PurePoint Energy

With rising energy prices across the nation, there’s truly no better time to go solar and become self-reliant from your local energy grid. Suppose you’ve started your commercial solar journey, but you’re unaware of the benefits offered to those who produce excess energy. In that case, you’ve come to the right place!

PurePoint Energy is dedicated to educating our valued customers on the available solar tariffs and offers that can help keep more money in the piggy bank. Today, we’ll be breaking down the “Netting” tariff and the benefits that are available to commercial businesses with solar systems. Keep reading to learn more!

What is the “Netting” Tariff?

The “netting” tariff is similar to the past “Net Metering” program that was offered to both residential and commercial solar customers. Through this agreement, the power produced by your panels earns you credits to help offset your monthly electricity costs. It’s essential to keep in mind that energy production is netted with usage on a monthly basis. Unlike the previous net metering program, credits are calculated in dollars and cents rather than kilowatt hours, meaning customers get more value for their electricity.

The Benefits

Ultimate Solar Savings

In this solar agreement, the savings will keep on rolling in! Any monthly excess energy credit is rolled over indefinitely. Over time, net metering can result in thousands of dollars saved from your ongoing utility costs.

Energy Storage Compatibility

Good news: if you have an energy storage system, you’re still eligible for the netting tariff! You’ll be able to maintain complete control over your home’s power supply while getting paid for your excess solar energy.

Commercial Solar Services in Connecticut

Are you interested in learning more about the solar credits and offers available to you? Our commercial energy services are here to help guide you through the entire process, from consultation and installation to discussing the most advantageous solar savings for your commercial property. PurePoint Energy is the team to trust for all things solar. Call us today at (203) 989-2905 or complete our online contact form to learn more.

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