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Options When You Plan on Moving

Solar Panels and Moving Deciding to own solar panels is investing in a product that will give you the most savings in the long ...

Solar Panels and Moving

Deciding to own solar panels is investing in a product that will give you the most savings in the long run. There are many reasons why ownership is better than leasing your system. One of these reasons that many people are unaware of, is that having solar panels increases the value of your property. When moving out of your home you can either sell your system with your property or move it to your new home.

Selling your property with your system

How does solar panels increase your property’s value?

Solar Panels not only helps someone reduce their electric bill but it also helps the environment. They have become very popular worldwide, that a buyer will most likely pick a home that eliminates a bill over one that doesn’t. Solar panels increase your property’s value by about $15,000. This not only helps you with paying any leftover financing bills (if financed) but it also helps you get solar for your next home.

Who do you contact if your real estate agent is not familiar with solar?

SunPower offers to help agents who are going to be listing your property to give you the best selling price possible. The number your agent should call is 661-294-9999.

Once I’ve sold my home, what are the next steps?

If you own a SunPower panel, you would have to let the new homeowners know a few things. First, let them know to contact Green Convergence to transfer the monitoring account into their name. Second, make sure to transfer your SunPower system paperwork to them as well so that they are well inform about the system. Finally, if they have any questions let them know that we (PurePoint Energy and SunPower) are here to make the transition easier for them.

Keeping your system

What if I don’t want to sell my panels with my property?

The panels are yours and so you have the option to do whatever you like to them. If you don’t want to sell your panels, we can arrange to have it moved to your new home. Your new home has to be in Connecticut in order for us to assist you. There will be a fee for our installers and electricians for the system to be moved. You can contact PurePoint Energy at (203) 642-4105 to help you through the process.

Making a decision

You can’t go wrong with any of the options you end up choosing. When selling the system one can get money for it, and when moving the system one can continue to save money. Either way you are helping the environment and the future.

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